Others Say

Claire is intrepid. Thoughtful. Smart as a citric papercut, with kindness to soothe the edge.
— Samantha, friend
Claire consistently takes initiative and demonstrates expertise, enthusiasm, and leadership in every aspect of her work. She’s a supportive manager to her team of volunteers and an invaluable thought partner to her fellow directors.
— Jessica, current manager
Claire is creative, hardworking and sharp. She brings fresh ideas and thoughtfulness to all of her work. Her kindness and humor make collaborating with her a breeze.
— Genelle, former colleague
Claire is a pleasure to work with — bright, exceptionally honest, detail-oriented, responsible and creative. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
— Julie, former manager
Claire is passionate, whip smart, dedicated, and efficient.
— Maggie, Friend
Claire’s expertise and knowledge was invaluable to me. She helped me learn the ropes of communicating with a large membership organization and actually inspired me to run for communications director after her term was up. WIN would not be the same without Claire’s years of dedicated service.
— Cheryl, former colleague
Her work is meticulous and thoughtful and she is intelligent, creative, and conscientious.
— Glenda, former manager
She is extraordinarily detail-oriented and level headed. She handles each task with a fantastic attitude.
— Laura, former colleague
Claire is a committed and talented communications professional. When Claire and I worked together on a board, her creativity was invaluable. She was able to build a recognizable brand for our organization as if it was second nature. I loved collaborating with Claire because of her innovative ideas and a great sense of humor.
— Rebecca, former colleague
Claire is passionate, meticulous, and dedicated. It was a pleasure working with her both as a colleague and as co-board members of a nonprofit. She is an experienced communications wonk that uses her wealth of knowledge and reliability to further the missions of the firms and organizations she works with. Any organization that grabs Claire’s attention is truly in luck.
— Liza, former colleague
Her intellectual prowess is just as strong as her leadership skills.
— Lauren, classmate
Claire is a detail-oriented and relentlessly driven young woman.
— Jacques, classmate