Surviving Business Travel 101

It’s a pretty exciting moment when you first hear you’re being sent to some exotic location for a work trip or conference. But pros will tell you that often you won’t see much of the place you’re visiting because of the workload — or because you want to collapse into a heap in your room by the end of a long day. Here are some pro-tips for making the most of business travel.

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Claire S. Gould
Finding Great Stock Images—That Aren't All White People.

Working in communications, the hope is that you can use original photos for your blog posts and materials, but that's not always possible.

And so many stock image websites suck, right? Or they're qwhite white. Here are some sites I found that offer free or almost free and offer diverse images. And many of them are created by or owned by POC, so there's an added bonus.

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Claire S. GouldComment
Stand Out From the Pack As a Great Volunteer.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to work on issues that you care about, especially if it's not something you can do during your day job. It also helps you make new friends and connections in the community and sharpen your skills or learn new ones.

But as an "extracurricular" activity that often falls below family, work, health, and friends on your priority list, it also requires some realistic planning and time management for the best experience—both for yourself and for the organization you choose to support. 

Over the past seven years in DC, I've been a volunteer and also managed quite a few. Here are some tips on how to be a truly awesome volunteer and get the most out of the experience.

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Claire S. GouldComment
Spring Cleaning and Giving Back in DC.

As I was spring cleaning this rainy weekend, I searched online for a comprehensive list of local nonprofits where you can donate certain household or clothing items—ones that give these items back to the DC community. Sadly, I couldn't find such a list of organizations that didn't also require access to a car. 

Here’s my take to make this list, based on volunteer opportunities I’ve had in the past and awesome local organizations I’ve donated to previously. 

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